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The Africa Film Academy – AFA was established as an initiative of the Osigwe Aniyam-Osigwe Foundation. Founded in 1999 to Honour the new African sage philosopher Chief Emmanuel Onyechere Aniyam-Osigwe, the non-profit organization, was set up by the Foundation as the vehicle to enhance creative energy of Africa’s growing youth population.

As part of its core mission the AFA uses the medium of filmmaking as a tool for community development to train aspiring artists in all aspects of filmmaking – acting, writing, directing and producing motion pictures all across Africa.

As an annual celebration of the brightest and the best in African movies, the AFA hosts the AFRICA MOVIE ACADEMY AWARDS (AMAA) which is the biggest gathering of movie makers across Africa and the Diaspora.

Ten years ago the African Film Academy – AFA set about on a journey to promote African cinema locally and internationally by establishing the African Movie Academy Awards. We have successfully hosted 9 Annual AMAA events with our 10th Annual AMAAs scheduled for April 2014 and it remains clear that African films continue to serve as a link for Africans in the Diaspora with Africans at home.

The African Film Academy AFA is the curator of the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), Film in a Box and other sub – brands which was set up ten years ago to promote African film and cinema locally and internationally.

Many of the films produced to date continue to tell our stories and have served as a shared collective experience and reminder that Africa is a vibrant Continent with, colour, energy and endless possibilities.

Our profile enclosed for your attention will show that it has remained the AFA’s vision to see film and cinema elevated to international levels, in terms of both production quality and profitability and to explore film as a vehicle for development.

African filmmakers have worked hard and continue to work hard with very little and have not through serendipity but through sheer audacity managed to build the 3rd largest film industry in the world, and are poised to take poll position beating America and India. It’s clear to us that the world is interested in what Africa has to say and it is this drive that AFA wishes to tap into and leverage.